2014 Hennessey Spring Clean-up is designated for April 1-15

The Town of Hennessey has designated April 1-15, 2014 as Spring Clean-up time and will be offering free dumping at the transfer station during that time for all Hennessey citizens.  The Transfer station is located just north of Oklahoma Avenue on Cemetery Road.

Also from April 1-15, 2014, the Town will assist the elderly and physically disabled who reside in the Town limits by hauling junk items as well as tree limbs that are placed by the curb.  The tree limbs need to be as short as possible and separated from all the other items when placed at the curb.  The citizens needing assistance need to call Town Hall to be placed on the pick-up list.

The no-pick-up list includes tires, vehicle batteries, shingles, cans of paint, oil and other liquids classified as hazardous materials.  The crews also will not pick up refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers in which the freon has not been professionally purged and marked with a special red tag.  These items will are also not accepted at the transfer station.

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