CodeRED - Keeping Citizens Informed

The Town of Hennessey has purchased a citizen alert notication system.  It is now up and running and citizens can now sign up by clicking on this link ( ) or coming to Town Hall or the Public Library to fill out the necessary paperwork.



The CodeRED system will be used to send critical comminications such as missing child alerts or evacuation notices to general communications such as street closures, water disruptions, Town Hall meetings, etc.  Citizens will also be able to sign up for severe weather warnings.


Caller ID

When you see the following displayed, you will know the call is from CodeRED.  If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back.

  • Emergency Notifications - 1-866-419-5000
  • General Notifications - 1-855-969-4636
  • Weather Warnings - 800-566-9780



Your contact information remains private.  It will only be used for community notications.


Join The Database - Opt-in to Get the Call

Sign up to receive notifications or any combination of severe weather warnings at  For more information you can call Town Hall at 405-853-2416.  Don't be left out in the storm or in the dark.


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