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Q.  Where is Town Hall located?
 A.  We are located at the corner of Main St. and 1st.  It is approximately one block south of our stop light in downtown. 

Q.  Do you have rental houses available?
 A.  We do not keep track of which houses are available but we do have a list of rental property owners.  Here is the list with their phone numbers.

  Hail Properties                  405-853-1221

  Mark Bregenzer                405-853-5806

  Mary Valles                       405-853-0565

  Lucy Renteria                    580-548-7749

  Wilfred Janky                     580-554-8298 (cell)  

   Bullis Properties                580-541-2968

   Mickell Enterprises LLC    405-368-3443

  Kacy Collier                        405-640-7370

  Macy Apartments              405-729-4678

  Kathy Corral                      405-853-0235

  Dustin & Kelly Vinson       405-326-6873

  Jamie Akenhead               512-461-3070


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